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FET Phase


Bridge FET Edu Centre

We offer the home school student
full-time, face-to-face tutoring, using two Curriculum streams.

Bridge Edu Centre




Bridge Edu Centre is situated on the same premises as Cross-Over School. 

Bridge FET Edu Centre is a mainstream-support tutoring center that, in partnership with Mindscape Education, (Independent Educational System) provides a structured full-time, face-to-face tutoring facility for Grade 10, 11, and 12 students. 

The Mindscape Curriculum is in line with the National Curriculum and assessments policy statement (CAPS). 

They make use of highly qualified tutors for all the different subjects.  They provide small classroom settings to give tutors the opportunity to offer individual attention.

SUBJECTS FOR 2021:                                   

Compulsory subjects:                                                            

-  Home Language - English
-  First Additional Language - Afrikaans or Zulu                                
-  Mathematics Literacy
-  Life Orientation

Choose three additional subjects:

-  Business Studies
-  CAT (Computer Applications Technology)
-  Tourism
-  Hospitality
-  Life Science

Concession applications. 

Bridge CAPS application for 2021
Mindscape application for 2021