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Foundation Phase

Our Foundation Phase consists of the following options; 

-  Bridging Class (Ages 7-13)
-  Support - Remedial (Grade R-3)
-  Mainstream (Grade 1-3) 

BRIDGING CLASS (Primary School)

Our Bridging Class is designed to accommodate learners between the ages of 7-13 (Primary School).  Our focus is on intense remediation in reading, writing, spelling, and Mathematics.  Our aim is to bridge the academic gaps - with the hope and intention to help learners "catch up" with their remedial peers.

Bridging Class Brochure
Bridging Class Application


Cross-Over School has grown a strong support/remedial branch over the past 13 years.  We follow the National Curriculum and only allow a maximum of 16 learners per classroom. Outsourced therapists are working on site.

Support-Remedial Brochure
Support-Remedial Application

MAINSTREAM (Grade 1-3)

From 2021 our school will also cater to mainstream learners who need and deserve just as much nurturing, support, and encouragement as do the rest of our learners. We have noted that many mainstream learners are also disadvantaged and tend to be neglected in our current school system due to the lack of academic support, flexibility, and larger class sizes in public schools.

Mainstream Brochure
Mainstream Application


Stationery List - Grade R
Stationery List - Grade 1
Stationery List - Grade 2
Stationery List - Grade 3