We welcome prospective parents and their children to visit the school.
Please call us to make an appointment.


2020 Application Forms

2021 Application Forms

Applicant’s Birth CertificatePlease make CERTIFIED COPIES of ALL original documentation and attach to this application form:

  • Applicant’s Clinic Card
  • Both parents/guardian’s Identity Documents
  • Recent Salary slip of parent/guardian (person responsible for payment of school fees) to confirm ability to pay school fees.
  • Proof of residence
  • Copies of most recent assessments done by educational psychologists (2 copies), speech therapists or occupational therapists. Assessments CAN NOT be older than 2 yearsYour child will not be considered unless they have been recently assessed by an educational psychologist and have proof thereof.
  • Completed Referral letter from present/ previous school (returned by school)
  • Finance Clearance Document from present/ previous school (returned by school)
  • Applicant’s Transfer Card
  • Applicants most recent Progress Report
  • Completed Religious Policy Document
  • Completed Drug Policy Document (From Grade 4 and up)
  • An interview will be conducted with parents and learner in order to relay what your responsibilities are while at Cross-Over Remedial School.

** Your child will only be considered for enrolment once ALL requested documents are submitted (and filled in correctly & legibly), and a commitment to pay the non-refundable registration fee has been made. ** 

Stationery Lists for 2020
Parents can purchase stationery items for the year at PNA or purchase it elsewhere.

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