to work and worship - Cross-Over School / GDE Registration No.: 700400272 / Registration No.: 2007/174/133/23


Cross-Over opened its doors in January 2008 with only one learner and has since grown to accommodate 120+ learners from Grade
R - Grade 9. 
In 2017 our school relocated to our brand-new campus on a plot (13 050 square meters), in Rispark, Johannesburg South.

We are so pleased that we can provide more space and better facilities for our precious learners, with room for more growth. We currently have 13 spacious classrooms, 1 therapy room, large toilet facilities for both the girls and the boys, a tuck shop, an admin block, and a staff block. Our large hall and sports field were completed in December 2017.

Cross-Over School embraces a Christian ethos, has small classes (maximum 16 learners) per class, and strives to provide a place that learners can call "home".  Our aim is not to become a very big school, but rather to build and extend our school and services so that we can reach and assist more families within our community.

Support Remedial and Mainstream branches;  

Our school has grown a strong support/remedial branch over the past 13 years, and believe that it is time to grow other branches/streams  -  where we also cater for mainstream learners who need and deserve just as much nurturing support, and encouragement as do the rest of our learners.  We have noted that many mainstream learners are also disadvantaged and tend to be neglected in our current school system due to the lack of academic support, flexibility, and larger class sizes.

Remedial and mainstream Curriculum go hand in hand and are essentially on par with each other.  The successful multi-level approach that we use within our classrooms embraces all learners with varying academic capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses and thus caters to learners who need remedial support as well as those who work more independently. 

The 3 streams offered from 2021:

Support - Remedial Stream; (Grade R-9)
Mainstream Curriculum taught using a multi-level approach (catering for children with SLD).

Mainstream; (Grade 1-3)
Mainstream Curriculum (catering for mainstream candidates who require a smaller classroom environment with more individual academic support. 

Bridging Stream; (Ages 7-13)
Bridging the gap - Catering for weaker learners who need intense remedial intervention in reading, spelling, and mathematics, with the hopes of them catching up to and joining their remedial peers within a year or being redirected top an LSEN school if our interventions do not produce the desired result. 

These additional streams will introduce a more balanced and fluid system whereby the child can develop optimally.