Intermediate Phase

Our Intermediate Phase caters for the Grade 4 – 6 learner.

REMEDIAL CLASSES FOR Grade 4 – 6 Learners:

          SUPPORT-REMEDIAL (Grade 4-6)

        We follow the National Curriculum and only allow a maximum of 16 learners per classroom.
Outsourced therapists are working on site. 

BRIDGING CLASS (on demand)

Our Bridging Class is designed to accommodate learners between the ages of 7-13.
Our focus is on intense remediation in reading, writing, spelling, and Mathematics.  Our aim
is to bridge the academic gaps – with the hope and intention to help learners “catch up” with
their remedial peers.  Please contact our office should you need more information about our bridging classes.


Application for 2021

Application for 2022

Step-By-Step Application Process

–   An application fee of R350.00 will apply.
     Banking Details:  Cross-Over Remedial School | FNB Current Account | Acc No.:  62406920125
–   Submitting of the Application forms does not automatically guarantee acceptance.
–   On acceptance into our School a once-off non-refundable enrolment fee of R5,000 will apply. 


Stationery List – Grade 4
Stationery List – Grade 5
Stationery List – Grade 6