Foundation Phase

Our Foundation Phase caters for the Grade R – 3 learner.


Our Foundation Phase caters for Grade R – 3 learners in need of remedial support.
We cater for learners with a below-average, average or above-average intelligence, who
have a Specific Learning Disorder (SLD). We therefore cater for learners who need
additional academic support and individual attention.

No learner is disadvantaged or labelled as we do differentiated work.

We aim at providing quality education and follow the National Curriculum, adapted
according to our learner’s academic needs.
 Each learner works from his/her own
textbooks. Our educators are dedicated to providing quality and multi-level teaching
in a stimulating, nurturing and safe learning environment.

We have a maximum of 16 learners in each class.

Outsourced Speech Therapists and Occupational Therapists come to our school on a weekly
basis, which is for the parents own personal account. These are one-on one
consultations/sessions, not group sessions, which is more beneficial to your child’s progress.

We provide computers lessons for Grade R – 9 once a week (included in the school fees).


–   An application fee of R350.00 will apply.
Banking Details:  Cross-Over Remedial School | FNB Current Account | Acc No.:  62406920125
–   Submitting of the Application forms does not automatically guarantee acceptance.
–   On acceptance into our School a once-off non-refundable enrolment fee of R5,000 will apply.