Welcome to Cross-Over Remedial School

Welcome to Cross-Over Remedial School

Welcome to Cross-Over Remedial School

Welcome to Cross-Over Remedial School

Cross-Over School / GDE Registration No.: 700400272 / Registration No.: 2007/174/133/23

To Work And Worship

Adapted Mainstream Curriculum – Multi-Level Approach

Message the From Principal

 Melissa Stewart 

 W –   when you
 E  –   enter this
 L  –   loving school
 C  –   consider yourself
 O –   one of the special
 M –   members of an
 E  –   extraordinary family

Children have this amazing way of becoming exactly who we tell them they are.  If we tell them they are strong, they become strong.  If we tell them they are kind, they become kind.  If we tell them they are capable, they become capable.  Speak life into your kids, so they have what it takes to tackle their own life one day.                                                           Amy Weather



My child was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 5-years old.  He was referred to a Remedial School.  He couldn’t sit still in class for long, was always playing alone at crech, had no friends and couldn’t speak. He failed his Grade R in 2019 at a Mainstream Creche and started at Cross-Over Remedial School in 2020 repeating Grade R.

I thank God that, as I was searching for a school on the internet I found Cross-Over Remedial School, it has truly been a blessing to me and my boy ever since.

All the staff at the school from Admin, teachers and the principal alike are very supportive, helpful, engaging, empathetic, patient and caring. The teachers are highly skilled and give the children individualised attention and I am updated constantly regarding my child’s progress.

At 9 years old now my child is excelling academically, getting the best quality education of a Mainstream School curriculum that is  followed by the school. I see him getting equipped for a bright future academically and personally and that brings joy and peace of mind to me as a parent. He is happier and he loves going to school, it is like his second home.

I see his personal growth even more now as he is in Grade 3. After school he starts doing his homework without me even having to remind him. He has gained social skills, he has friends at school and at home and he plays soccer both at school and at home and he absolutely loves it.

He is able to express himself properly now and one of the things I like about the school is that I don’t have to worry about taking him to speech and occupational therapy every week since he can get the therapy at school. The therapists are also amazing and work great with the children. 

Zanele Gambu

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