Extra Murals

We offer the following extramural activities


Touch Rugby


Cross country


Coach Keagan is in charge of all outdoor activities like soccer, cricket, touch rugby, athletics and cross country. 

For the more culturally inclined learners, we offer the
following extramural activities.


          –    Eisteddfod  (Led by Teacher Stacey-Lee Buys)

The Alberton Eisteddfod takes place once a year during Term 3.

It is classified as an extracurricular activity that provides food for our learners’ souls.
The Eisteddfod is an incredibly magical experience that promotes positive self-confidence,
discipline and allows the learners to engage and compete with
learners from other schools.  

The Eisteddfod enables each learner to feel a sense of everlasting accomplishment, as
each participant is awarded a certificate of merit.  

Cross-Over Remedial School has participated in the Alberton Eisteddfod for the past
two years, and it is with great pride
 that our learners have received outstanding results.