About Us

Cross-Over Remedial School is a private Christian school which was established in 2008. We are based in Rispark, Johannesburg South (near Mall of the South). We cater to learners from Grade R to Grade 12.

Learners are not receiving the individual attention they so desperately need. They tend to fall behind and are unable to catch up to their peers.

Our aim at Cross-Over Remedial School is to provide learners with a safe learning environment and small class settings where learners can develop academically at their own pace.  We use CAPS approved textbooks. .

Teaching Philosophy

We pride ourselves on enhancing spelling, reading, and comprehension in all subjects. We aim to
          provide quality education. We do not label the learners and are constantly encouraging them to grow
          and develop in all aspects of their lives.  

          A strong work ethic is promoted and rewarded. 

         Some of our learners are mainstreamed, some remain with us for the duration of their primary school
         years or up to Grade 9 then move on to the FET Phase provided by Bridge Edu Centre, for their 
         final senor school years, doing Grade 10-12.  

         Each child follows his/her unique path.  We involve Educational Psychologists, Speech Therapists, and
         Occupational Therapists to facilitate the child’s development. 

          Our educators’ skills are honed so that they develop a more child-centered approach to education.  
          We encourage our educators to be life-long learners who are given the liberty to be innovative and 
          creative problem-solvers which is conducive to a positive learning experience.

          Cross-Over Remedial School is registered as an Independent School with the Department of 
          Education, has experienced and certified SACE teachers, and follows the National Curriculum.